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leaky-cupAlmost every sale is brought through your website at some point in the buying process.

Chances are you’re actually missing a lot more sales opportunities than you may recognize. You’ve probably spent significant amounts of time and money making sure your website is just right.

By the way, it looks great!

That large investment should return the favor by working just as hard for you. Otherwise, it’s like walking around with a leaky coffee mug.

Rather than letting your sales leak out to your competitors, use these three easy steps to keep your IT company from missing valuable sales opportunities.

1. Use the right analytics.

As the saying goes, you cannot convert what you cannot see.

This is incredibly true when it comes to your IT company’s website. Most likely your firm is B2B oriented, so seeing the actual businesses and people that are visiting your website is much more effective than simply seeing the amount of traffic coming to your website. For this reason, even Google Analytics won’t fulfill your needs.

Luckily, there are some great analytics tools that will give you richer information that you can actually use. At Active Blogs, we use software called ConvertAVisit for our clients. What’s great about this software? Not only can you track patterns in traffic but you can also track

  • the companies visiting your website;
  • who it was that visited;
  • the position and contact info of each person; and,
  • the pages visited and duration of time spent on each page of your website.

If your employees specialize in helping medical companies, for example, and you start seeing more medical companies coming to your website, there is a great sales opportunity waiting for you. You can do more follow-up research to see what the best way to grab attention might be or even have your sales team follow up with unique visitors.

2. Write engaging content.

Are prospects landing on your site only to quickly jump to a competitor’s?

This is where a consistent blog marketing program comes in.

Blogs are the best way to keep unique visitors engaged with you once they are on your site. Blog articles give them opportunities to learn about problems, solutions, and — even better — familiarize themselves with your company.

The most common mistake in blogging is overdoing the sales pitch. It’s an easy trap to fall into! You want to share your sales, your products, and your solutions. It’s best to do this through educational content that you would read.

Avoid self-promotion.

Your blog is a tool that should guide visitors to learn something that will help them make a decision. Keep the sales pitch within the sales team.

This engaging content is how you establish your reputation as a thought leader. Once visitors trust your site for information and utilize it as a reference point they will recognize that you provide the solutions they are seeking.

Still unsure if blogging is an effective tool that will produce results for your IT company? Check out these awesome blogging stats and facts.

3. CTAs: Give them something to do.

We rarely get what we want without asking for it. The same goes for someone visiting your website. If you do not ask whether she or he is willing to have a conversation with you, you’re letting a potential conversion opportunity leak out of another hole in your coffee mug.

Many company leaders think that your home page should be just content — and nothing else. In my experience, simply having a call to action (CTA) right on your home page does wonders in converting leads.

Placing CTAs on the home page and throughout almost every page of your website has shown a lot of success for us and our clients at Active Blogs. At any point in time, a person visiting your site could say to her or himself, “You know what? I’m just going to reach out already.” And you’ll be ready. Be sure to include calls to action on your blog posts and other distributed marketing content.

A potential customer may read something that resonated with them and want to immediately reach out for help. If you don’t ask for the order with a well placed call to action, you can bet they will move on and you will be forgotten like last week’s lunch still sitting in my car.

When formatting your CTAs, be sure that they are not too lengthy and are extremely simple to fill out.

We like to use a simple “What I Need Fast” form, in which prospects can easily check items from a list of services we provide and give us their contact information.

So easy a caveman can do it!

I truly love helping IT companies with their marketing efforts.

If you liked what you read and want help implementing these concepts into your own IT company’s website, don’t hesitate in reaching out to find out how we can help you achieve marketing success!