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Can you create true success alone? Absolutely not! You need the right people and information to fuel your trajectory the right way. B2B Mentors features top industry experts who share proven strategies and actionable inspiration on B2B marketing, leadership, and business development. This interview show will assist you in unveiling the unique and often complex world of business to business growth success. Brought to you by the leadership team at Active Blogs. Sign-up to become a B2B Mentor guest here.

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What’s the Future of B2B Sales?

Jake Dunlap, Founder and CEO of Skaled Consulting, joins Connor to talk about the evolution of sales and what’s in store for the future. Learn about the importance of process-driven sales, identifying where your customer is in the sales cycle, and using your tech stack to its full potential to address your existing bottlenecks.

🍔 How to Make Your B2B Marketing Tasty🍟🍕

David “Rev” Ciancio — Hospitality Marketing Executive and Brand, Customer & Technology Evangelist — joins Connor to recount his music industry origins, the story behind his nom de guerre, and how his disillusion with the music business led to his new venture as a hospitality marketing guru. Learn about the value of both creative thinking and consistent process to your marketing efforts, and get the skinny on three of Rev’s favorite demand gen hacks.

How Marketers Can Reach High-Growth for High-Tech Businesses

Ilan Vagenshtein — marketing executive and B2B tech marketing expert — joins Connor to discuss what marketers can do to maximize growth for high-tech B2B firms. Learn about the evolution of marketing tools in the last 20 years, the challenges of reaching decision makers in your target market — particularly when face to face meetings are hard to come by — and the importance of creativity and emotional connection in your B2B marketing efforts.

How to Become a B2B Sales Rebel

Dale Dupree — podcaster, sales therapist, public speaker, author, and leader of the Sales Rebellion — joins Connor to talk about his personal struggles with depression, his adventures as the Copier Warrior, and his decision to help others craft their legacies and create their own sales legends. Learn more about the Sales Rebellion, the benefits of being less risk-averse, and why honesty is still the best policy.

How Marketers Can Get ANYONE’S Attention and Turn It into Deals

Scott Cassidy — CMO at Cenergistic, Strategist, Speaker, Sales Leader, and Podcaster — joins Connor to talk about getting more attention with your marketing — and converting that attention into deals. Learn how to prioritize your customers’ needs and the benefits of a comprehensive understanding of your company’s customer experience. Recognize and leverage the math behind marketing, and get your sales and marketing teams working together to produce better results for your company and your customers.

How Digital Marketing Agencies Can BLOW UP Their Sales

Forrest Dombrow — serial entrepreneur, sales consultant, and digital marketing expert — joins Connor to discuss sales and growth strategies for digital marketing agencies. Learn about the importance of coaching and mentoring, adjusting to the tasks, topics, and environment of new situations, and the specific nuances involved in selling marketing products. Hear Forrest talk about the necessity of establishing trust, identifying what a client really needs, and navigating the gap between client needs and what they understand about digital marketing.

Why Your Falling Lead Conversion Rate Is a Good Thing, And What to Do About It

Kerry Cunningham, RevTech revolutionary and product marketing expert, joins Connor to talk about what marketers get wrong about lead conversion. Hear Kerry talk about his early attempts to build a better conversion solution, the insights he’s gained about lead generation as a marketing tool, and the “Oh Sh!t!” moment for marketers. Learn what’s changed about your customers’ buying experience, how to read the signals about whether a customer is in the market, and how you can leverage website traffic data to maximize conversion opportunities.

How to Build a 100k Member Community

Daniel Goodstein, President of the Institute for Robotic Process Automation & Artificial Intelligence (IRPA AI) and the Digital Enterprise Institute (DEi), joins Connor to talk about the challenges of marketing high-tech business solutions. Learn about the communication obstacles between tech companies and their potential customers, the importance of demonstrating value, and how, in the end, even high-tech businesses are built on people and relationships.

How to Sell More Deals Podcasting

Collin Mitchell, entrepreneur and podcaster extraordinaire, joins Connor to discuss how sales has changed since he got his bumpy start, leveraging free content to learn what you need to know to succeed, frontloading value for your prospects, and using podcasting to become a better salesperson — and a better human. Hear how Collin got his start in podcasting, follow his step-by-step advice for booking the guests you want, and learn how he took the “worst podcast experience ever” and turned it into a thriving business.

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