Why should we invest in a business blog?

Having an Active Blog presents you as a thought leader and your business as an authority, improving your company visibility. Your regularly published informative blog content builds trust in and nurtures relationships with your customers and prospects, brings more visitors to your website, and increases visitor engagement — for example, through blog or newsletter signups, downloads, or requests for additional information.

What is the difference between a typical blog and the Active Blogs program?

A typical blog depends entirely on your efforts: It’s up to you to write, post, and maintain the blog. With an Active Blog, we do all the writing, research, planning, editing, and other blog tasks for you. We have programs to maximize your blog distribution through email, social media, SEO, and a host of other effective methods. The program is very flexible: We can simply create content or scale up for maximum content exposure.

How can Active Blogs know enough to be able to write for our industry?

You're the expert at what you do, and we're experts at blog and content marketing. We simply act as an extension of your organization and leverage your internal expertise and resources — similarly to how a busy executive would hire a ghostwriter to write his or her book.

We already have our own marketing automation or content platform but simply cannot keep up with our blog and newsletter. Will you just do the writing for us?

Yes. Without an orchestrated way to get the writing done, you will have a passive blog — not an Active Blog. We will create only the content for you, if that's all you need.

I could simply purchase cheaper generic content. Why shouldn't I just do that?

That sounds like an inexpensive way to fill your blog space. However, there's a big difference between posting content and making your blog a successful marketing tool. We provide custom content that helps build bonds between you and your current and future customers. Our content shows the uniqueness of your offerings and is designed to encourage your customers to engage with you. Generic content can't do that.

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