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You’ve profiled your ideal website visitors, crafted content that targets their problems, challenges, and needs, and created an offer that leads them to the next stage of the buying process. So what will make website visitors actually click your call to action?
Lead generation is extremely important, and a consistently updated blog offers many powerful ways to attract those qualified leads. But retaining your current business-to-business customers is just as important — and can be much more of a challenge.
Businesses often quantify success through tangible measurements — like leads per month, for example. However, when marketers try to pin down specific numbers to demonstrate their return on investment (ROI), they are often frustrated by the inability to directly connect results with their content marketing program.
Blogs take time. Well, active blogs do. You have to find good, meaty content, write it up into an appetizing feature, and serve it — all on a very consistent basis. That’s a lot to add to your plate, especially if it’s already full — but it is necessary.
Creative writers create content — this is a given. However, what writers generally do not offer is a fully managed content strategy, which is why you must consider options beyond the writer for a successful blog program.
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