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This year has just flown by! I guarantee you these next four months are going to go by in a flash. During the summer months, families are trying to travel with their kids before they go back to school. You’ve probably found  a lot of people you’ve been trying to communicate with this summer are much less accessible.

Once mid-September rolls around, it is GAME TIME!

I want to help set you up, without stress, to fast track your fall success.

Being the last month of Q3, everything you’re going to take action on through the months of September and October is going to pay off in Q4 of 2021 and Q1 of 2022.

I hope you’re thinking that far ahead. In the business world, the things you take action on will not always impact you right away.

Hitting it hard here — at the end of Q3 and beginning of Q4 — is the game changer for how your year will end and how next year will start. And if you’re anything like me, you want to finish this year strong, meet your goals, crush your goals, and help a lot of people in the process.

#1 Place to start?

K.I.S.S. Your fall should be about Keeping it Simple, Silly! There’s always a time and place to experiment and try new things. But what you really should be doing is keeping it simple and keeping it focused. If you’re an entrepreneur, you know about the shiny object syndrome. It’s like, “Hey, maybe I’ll launch a new product or service or an offering to get more sales, or maybe I’ll try this new unproven marketing approach — or maybe this or maybe that.”


You will end up losing out on what’s working, resulting in wins dropping off on you and leaving you high and dry on deals.

Success leaves clues! Follow the clues like a detective, and trace where you can go even bigger on the micro-wins. Find the one simple thing you can do to get new business in the door. Use what has worked in the past, and continue to keep pressing into it.

It’s too easy to divert attention — to look for what will work better than before — but then you miss out on scaling already proven success. Keep it simple, dial in, and scale the crap out of what’s working.


Take imperfect, consistent actions. Maybe the things you’re doing need to scale out, and you’re sitting there trying to plan how. Don’t waste the month of September trying to plan and organize for Q4 — just trying to make all the little things so perfect in your mind!

If the podcast you recently launched has started to get some traction and is working — or your video series got you one single lead — double down on that!

It’s not going to be perfect, and it never will be until you hit it consistently.

Every single successful person I’ve talked to or interviewed or received mentorship from takes consistent and imperfect action — which eventually leads to “perfection.” You can’t have perfect without first having imperfection.

While their competition is sitting around waiting to make the perfect move, they’ve already taken twenty moves toward their goal.

This can apply in different ways. Launching that ad, right? Let’s say ads are working for you. You’re working to scale it out. Get the ad out there, folks! The longer you wait and sit on it the more you’re going to pay down the line. Get that LinkedIn prospecting campaign off to the races! You name it.

You’ll have a chance to iterate it. You’ll have a chance to perfect. The message you’re going to send to your prospects will be imperfect. The videos you’re going to share on LinkedIn will not be movie studio quality right now. If you want to fast track your success, it is all about taking perfectly imperfect — and consistent — action.


Take on mentorship! Nobody, not a single person in this world — from Elon Musk to Bill Gates and Steve Jobs — no human being’s success story has been crafted on their own or created in a vacuum.

To make sure you’re implementing these simple actions — and keeping it consistent — you need somebody to keep you accountable.

Who’s going to hold you to your goal? Maybe it’s another business owner, in a similar industry or an entirely different business, and you can hold each other accountable for your goals.

Maybe there’s someone else you look up to who could be a potential mentor for you. Reach out to them this week!

A lot of people stray away from this, but mastermind groups will change your life and be a great way to access mentors. If you’re willing to monetarily invest in a mentor, or mentors — or in a mastermind group — you’re also going to emotionally and mentally invest in, commit to, and accomplish your goals. People think, “Hey, I’m not supposed to pay for mentorship or pay for someone who would be a mentor for me or pay for community.”

That’s not accurate for those who actually know, from experience, why it’s powerful. Including myself.

I’ve got personal mentors, paid mentors, you name it to help me keep the accountability going.

My friends, it’s time to fast track your success this fall! Now’s your time to shine! Keep it simple, silly. Take imperfect, consistent action. Invest in mentorship and accountability. Watch all the things you desire transpire before your eyes.

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To your success!