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Last year, LinkedIn added a slew of new features for businesses using their platform. One new option is a customizable call-to-action (CTA) button, which allows businesses to drive more traffic to their site and bring in more qualified leads. But to make the most out of your LinkedIn posts, you need a killer CTA that gets people to click. We’ll help you get there with our three top tips on crafting the perfect CTA for your LinkedIn posts.

Keep it simple and clear

Your readers should have an idea of where a CTA will lead when they click it. If not, they may feel tricked and lose trust in your brand. To avoid this, keep your CTAs simple and clear. Use everyday language, and keep it as concise — and compelling — as possible. How do you walk the tightrope between “too simple to care about” and “I need to click this button now”? Here are some best practices for crafting the perfect CTA:

  • Keep it short. Use a maximum of four words for a CTA button. Stick to a short sentence for an in-text CTA. Cut out long and unnecessary words so your message is razor sharp.
  • Use action and trigger words. Strong examples include: learn, attract, get, capture, discover, start here, download, register, enter, sign up, shop, join, etc.
  • Promise — and deliver — instant gratification. Let readers know that clicking your CTA will connect them to (1) a resource to help their business, (2) money savings, (3) access to a special promotion, or (4) something else immediately valuable in terms of time, money, or knowledge.

Make it relatable and compelling to your target audience

CTAs should be as tailored to your target audience as the rest of your content. Personalize your message to your readers by including industry keywords and “emotional” words that will appeal to them specifically. To make your CTA both relatable and irresistible, think about what moves your audience to action. Some common motivations are scarcity, inclusivity, and exclusivity.

As an example, words like “Pre-order” for a new product launch give the impression that people are clamoring for your product, and the reader better get it while they can. When advertising a special event, you might play up its exclusivity with a “Get on the List” CTA. This language makes readers feel like part of an elite few and moves them to act right away or risk missing out.

Does your audience want to be acknowledged and celebrated as individuals? A “Take the Quiz” CTA that brings them to a gated quiz, where they provide contact info to find out what type of product or service matches their unique personality, may prove effective. Maybe they are motivated by social consciousness? Adding a succinct “Do Better” CTA with a link to your “Brand Values” web page gives them a glimpse of your eco-conscious approach. There are many ways to engage your target audience with a well-coined CTA. All it takes is a little imagination.

Emphasize solving their problem

Everyone has pain points. If you can solve a problem or offer insight into a time- or money-saving solution, you won’t just attract loyal customers — you’ll create brand fans. It may sound like a lot to put onto the humble CTA, but it only takes a few words to promise relief. If you’ve done the research, you already know your target audience’s pain points. The three most common are finances, productivity, and support. Let’s take a closer look at these alongside example CTAs.

  • Finances. People are always looking for a deal or a way to save money in the long term. Some CTAs that speak to this pain point are “Start Free Trial,” “Join Free,” or a straightforward “Get 30% Off.”
  • Productivity. This is for people who want to save time or streamline their workflows. Effective CTAs include “Get Results Now” and “I Want More Leads.”
  • Support. Your customers need direction to find the right solution and relevant information. For someone seeking help, CTAs such as “Find My Solution,” “Answer My Questions,” or even a simple “Learn More” strike the right chord.
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