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Blogs take time. Well, active blogs do. You have to find good, meaty content, write it up into an appetizing feature, and serve it — all on a very consistent basis. That’s a lot to add to your plate, especially if it’s already full — but it is necessary.

According to Hanley-Wood Business Media, 78% of chief marketing officers (CMOs) believe custom content is the future of marketing. While creating custom content can seem daunting, it’s the most effective way to connect with you audience and boost your web traffic. Custom content — that’s the key.

Luckily, there are options for blog creation that are not dependent on your time or your staff’s resources.

Boost your Web traffic

Mark Yahr, Vice President of Sales for L & L International Inc., a broker of private, corporate, and executive jets, understands the importance of an active blog. When he was advised to introduce a regular blog and social media program to bring more traffic to the L & L website, Yahr was skeptical. His response was quite simple: “Why? Who is buying a private jet on the Internet?”

Yahr soon became a believer.

“They say a blog is important for SEO,” he says, “and I see the results! When Active Blogs puts our posts up and sends the corresponding email promotion for those posts, I see the website traffic spike tremendously.”

It’s absolutely true. According to Hubspot, of those businesses that use email marketing, the companies that blog get twice as much traffic from their email as those who don’t.

Seek the experts

OK. You understand the search engine optimization (SEO) importance of maintaining an active blog on your website, but why outsource it? After all, you know your business, your products, and your customers. Wouldn’t it be easier to create your own blogs in-house?

Yahr has a response for that, too.

“I have four hundred things to do in a week. The last thing I can do is start writing blog posts,” Yahr explains. “There would be no way for me to do that work myself. You need professionals. You hire somebody, they perform the job properly, and you get results.”

Rather than adding yet another ongoing task to your plate, go to the expert bloggers. You are an expert in your field: Your attention should be on your company, your product, and your team.

“In business, you do what you do for a living, and that’s it. And you pay somebody else as a professional to do the rest,” Yahr says. “You have to pay for quality.”

Ready to see what an active blog can do for your business? Contact us today to get a free evaluation and website report card. It’s time to activate your website!