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At first glance, website analytics seem intuitive  — until you try to do something constructive with your collected data. It’s then that you realize all you’ve gathered is high-level, general information that doesn’t actually tell you anything about your website’s visitors or what your customers are really looking for.

We at Active Blogs realized that our clients wanted information that would better help them to convert website visitors into long-term loyal customers, so we developed an innovative software product: ConvertAVisit. This software gives your sales team a comprehensive picture of your website visitors and their paths throughout your site.

“ConvertAVisit matches the visitor with a database,” says Marc Dube, president and founder of Active Blogs. “When a visitor comes from the client’s email newsletter to their blog or anywhere else on the client’s website, the software identifies  that person and reveals useful data such as which company the visitor is with or who their marketing director is.”

Analytics made simple

ConvertAVisit software doesn’t just identify visitors; it also automatically creates detailed reports and emails your sales team a daily or weekly summary. Sales staff doesn’t even need to remember to log in and check the data because it is delivered straight to members’ inboxes.

“People are overloaded with too much data that never gets used,” Dube says. “We’re simplifying the process, targeting the sales department with data that’s designed to lead to high-dollar B2B sales — and we’re serving up that data on a silver platter.”

Our software offering is truly unique because it tailors data specifically for the sales department, greatly increasing the number of “warm” leads that sales can work with daily. By finding the people who are engaged with your website and responding to them in a timely way, you are now more likely to get a conversion than with cold calling alone.

The ConvertAVisit software can also alert you on a per-lead basis based on customizable lead-scoring criteria. A repeat visit means heightened interest in your website, and that makes a user an even warmer lead.

“Not knowing when interested return visitors are on your website and what they’re doing represents a larger missed revenue opportunity,” Dube says.

Make the most of your data

We at Active Blogs not only offer the ConvertAVisit software but also provide advisory services to help you make the most of your visitor information.

“If you need any help figuring out how to get more people to sign up for things on your website, we’re here to help,” Dube explains. “Or if you’re tired of finding ways to get your blog updated regularly or dealing with writers, we can help with that, too — from pointing you toward helpful resources to actually providing those services ourselves.”

From producing your monthly newsletter to finding blog writers and purchasing email lists, we specialize in helping you figure out how to make your website work harder for you. With Active Blogs, you’ll have the backing and expertise of a full-service marketing company to help you better use your data and activate your marketing campaigns.

Elevate your marketing with information you can use. Let us help you enhance your prospect interactions and boost conversions. Contact the professionals at Active Blogs at 800-720-5398 or for a no-cost consultation.