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You’re likely familiar with the infamous and horrific gang wars that’ve waged throughout the years, far past to present.

Also known as “turf wars” — referring to street gangs of different affiliations battling for ownership of key territories to hold exclusively for their malicious activities.

Come 2020, we enter a new era of turf wars you may not even realize your company is involved in. And it’s going to get “bloody” if you’re not vigilant.

Like the real estate of a neighborhood held by a deadly gang, the entire digital world — internet, websites, social media platforms like LinkedIn — all take similar forms of valuable real estate and land. Which also means limitations on how much space can be saturated.

Consider your company’s message and reach as a building within that real estate in front of the eyes of your buyers.

Is it a skyscraper or shack?

Either way, the more valuable the territory, the more impact.

Far too many conversations that our team has had with B2B sellers lately have led to CEOs, presidents, and sales directors claiming “LinkedIn social selling is a fad, a trend, and not for me.”

“All my business comes from word of mouth, referrals, and cold calling!”

The internet and having a website for your business was a fad too, remember? 😉

Think 1849 gold rush!

Wake up! We’re currently realizing one of the biggest digital land grabs of all time, people!

LinkedIn is the most powerful platform for sales and marketing growth! Right now, as you wait around deciding if it’s for you or not, your competitors are claiming and holding key turf.

This is costing you and your company significant revenue and sales growth opportunities, and the cold hard truth of it all — is that it’s not always the best product, service, or team that wins the deal.

Have you ever seen a client you’re dying to work with, doing business with a competitor instead? Then, you already know this.

Most of the time the salesperson and organization to reach the buyer first, that consistently sticks with them throughout the sales cycle, with the right education and touchpoints, gets the business!

LinkedIn is the perfect platform to facilitate this interactionwith the right approach.

Completely unfiltered, unrestricted access to all your buyers and decision makers through the right steps. You need to be here and be here consistently!

Not just passively, but in a way that shows your market there’s no doubt you’re the right solution to work with when timing’s right.

Whether you’re a one-person operation or Fortune 500 operator, there is a way to completely own your market’s real estate over competitors. I call this “LinkedIn omnipresence.” And you can accomplish it with any budget with the right steps and structure.

Most B2B sellers and marketers still find themselves on the missed opportunity side of the adoption curve when it comes to LinkedIn.

Where do you sit?

In the world of B2B, there shouldn’t be a doubt — LinkedIn has the turf to be!

Either you claim the land on LinkedIn, or competitors will do it first, leaving you with lost clients and slow business growth.

Don’t wait around guessing on what direction to take. We’ve taken the guess work out for you. Take action now and learn how to dominate LinkedIn with social selling.