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Sarah Yepishin – Director of Client Services

Sarah Yepishin

Nickname: Bibs
Hometown: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Pets: Leo, the goodest Goldendoodle there ever was
Hobbies: Reading, writing, hiking, boardgames, road trips with the family
Favorite Food: Gumbo
Secret 411: I have a twin sister living in NYC, and just to make things more confusing, we both have the same nickname
Favorite Quote: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but in seeing with new eyes.”
– Marcel Proust

Sarah Yepishin is the Director of Client Services at Active Blogs. She’s here to ensure our clients get the highest quality marketing content and results with next to no time and effort on their part. She is passionate about connecting with our clients to understand their needs, and she collaborates with our content and marketing teams to deliver on our clients’ expectations. She watches over every project from start to finish and cares about the success of our clients’ campaigns as much as they do!

Sarah has a bachelor’s degree in English from Belhaven University and ten years of experience in copyediting, copywriting, and project management as a content creator and editor for businesses and nonprofits. Her passion for serving her clients and delivering excellent content brought her to Active Blogs where she has learned B2B marketing strategies from the best in the business.

Sarah lives in Greeley, Colorado, with her husband and three kids. When she’s not bolstering our client success, you’ll likely find her reading the great American novel or exploring nature with her family.