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Connor DubeThe recent fatal Tesla accident fueled a growing skepticism in me about autopilot features. Automation has become so advanced that we are now turning to autopilot in many situations – for better or worse.

As with driving in a Tesla, the vehicle for marketing has become so automated that it is often set to autopilot. While we’re not necessarily risking something as valuable as a life, we are risking the effectiveness of our marketing.

Driving on autopilot creates some benefits, sure, but it’s not as effective as a cognitive human taking control.

Like driving on autopilot, there is a time and place for automating your marketing, but doing so improperly could be costing you sales opportunities.

Is autopilot killing some of your sales?

According to TrackMaven, over the past year content production has increased over 35% while content engagement has decreased by over 17%.

This is firmly due to one reason: People don’t want to engage with useless, robotic content!

As our daily interactions advance digitally every single year, we as humans still crave the personable and individual attention we deserve.

One of the main objectives with marketing is to create that personal and emotional connection with the end user. Canned content creation cannot accomplish this successfully.

If people do not want to engage with your content, they will not want to engage with you. If they do not engage with you, they will not buy from you.

Improperly automating can discourage engagement, waste time, and lose money.

Quality vs. Quantity

Its a philosophy preached in many different situations and rings no less true when it comes down to marketing automation content.

The automated marketing trend dictates a need for a constant flow of content being poured out to your sales funnel. It is absolutely pertinent to stay top of mind and in front of those leads, but not in a way that drives them off.

If you are distributing content to them just for the hell of it, don’t be surprised at the rate of opt outs and failed interactions.

Take control of the driver’s seat

Send them more customized messages and offers depending on what the ongoing conversation and interaction with that person has been.

A customized — but still automated — approach to your content will actually increase your engagement rate. And even though it may take longer, a canned approach will kill that sales opportunity.

Now pump the brakes!

Don’t let your marketing drive on autopilot, resulting in your sales efforts crashing and burning

Remember, people want to buy from people – not robots.

We have some pretty awesome humans at Active Blogs. If you liked what you read and want help with these concepts, don’t hesitate to reach out and find out how we can help.