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Ever get tired of telling prospects what your company can do for them? Wouldn’t it be easier if your most satisfied clients called them all and told them how good your company is to work with and how you helped their companies meet objectives?

Well, that’s not likely. But the concept of using your past clients as your advocates to generate business is absolutely feasible. One of the most influential forms of B2B collateral is a blog post that tells the story of how your company solved a problem for a client. Maggie Georgieva, on HubSpot Blog, explains:

“To increase word-of-mouth marketing as a company, you need to amplify the happy voices of your customers and make them your best evangelists. By sharing their success stories of using your product or service, you empower them to sway the purchase decisions of many others. Creating customer case studies lends itself to our human instinct to share, tell a story, and give advice.”

So what defines a content-rich customer success story blog post for B2B marketing? A good blog builds your reputation.

  • Tell a success story from the viewpoint of your customer. A good customer story provides a reader with the customer’s perspective of what the problem or need was, and how it was solved or met by working with your company.
  • Don’t sell, but rather show a solution in action. Your blog shouldn’t be a sales tool — it should simply define what the customer’s need was, explain why he or she sought you out to help solve it, and describe the overall experience the customer had with your company.
  • Put your offerings or strengths into context. No spec sheet or product feature brochure can tell the full story of how a product or service can really make a difference. A blog can give depth and meaning to the solution by showing a real-world case of how a product or service made a positive difference in a company’s business.

When a good customer story accomplishes these objectives, an exciting thing happens: Readers extrapolate, seeing in the customer’s real-world experience how their own challenges and needs can be met by your company’s solutions.

Blogs and customer success stories aren’t necessarily new to the B2B marketing mix, but they maintain their popularity among marketers because of their effectiveness at demonstrating a solution without having to “sell” it.

Another great feature of blogs is the ease with which they can be shared across multiple communication channels. Blogs are easy to include and share in your email newsletters and Facebook and Twitter posts … and then readers may share them from there. It’s the ultimate word-of-mouth marketing!

At Active Blogs, we provide a content marketing strategy that provides several blog marketing solutions in one simple, yet sophisticated package that resolves problems modern businesses face every day. We’ll help you craft your customer success stories into compelling, shareworthy blog posts.

Our blog marketing services will allow you to gain more exposure, credibility, and visibility in your market space. It is a fast and efficient way to bring more interested visitors to your website and invite them to contact you to find out more about your solutions.

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