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So your business has a blog. You post content on it fairly regularly. You may even be starting to see results trickling in! But is it enough to only post your blog to one place and hope that it will be found?

Even though the mere presence of a blog can provide your business with great benefits it didn’t have before, the most successful B2B businesses take their blogging practices a step further. Rather than hoping for a prospective buyer to wander onto your site, you can take proactive measures to make your message reach a larger audience.

Make your content go further
If you’re going to spend time and money on creating content, why only use it for one purpose? Smart marketers utilize various channels of distribution to give their content more reach.

A good place to start when choosing channels of distribution is with your business’ existing social media accounts. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and similar websites have quickly become popular sources of information and are used by individuals of all ages, spanning numerous occupations. Posting a blog link on social media is a great way to draw in more visitors and encourage repeat visits to your website.

Email is another excellent channel of distribution. People still heavily rely on emails and newsletters as a trusted source of information, and enjoy the convenience of getting news straight from their inbox. Consistently sending out links and teasers promoting your content via email can sharply increase your website and blog views.

If you want to go a step even further, try pitching your content to outside sources. Breaking company news can be sent to local papers or submitted to news sites like The Huffington Post and Forbes. Submitting content to industry or trade-specific publications can be another option to explore.

Case in point
One of Active Blogs’ own clients, L & L International, is a prime example of the positive effect various channels of distribution can have on your content. When the private jet broker started their blog, they saw great results, averaging around 100 website visits per day. But once they stepped up their Active Blog program to include blog post promotion via email, their number of daily visitors doubled! Using multiple channels of distribution for their content successfully expanded their reach and brought in new opportunities that they didn’t have before.

If you’re going to create high-quality, educational content for your clients and prospects, you might as well use it for multiple applications. Smartly utilizing numerous channels of distribution can further educate your audience on what your business has to offer.

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