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Hey LinkedIn learners Connor Dube here and you know get this question quite a bit because you probably see us do it to you is video messages how do you send a video message on LinkedIn it’s probably one of the most powerful ways you can follow up with your connections so good Julius is here which this man right here just just how I flipped this camera you know Julius is here just just killing it and so um you know I’m gonna walk you through by the way look how good look in this dude is like you start hanging out with me a little bit you start looking good styling you know technically the way you do this is is is a little complicated but once you get the flow down it’s awesome it kills it it really does I mean the the responses that you’re getting from that are I would say one of a kind cuz it’s a one of a kind message you know they know it’s not it’s not spamming it’s really personalized it’s humanizing the whole transaction and that’s where you got to get to nobody’s doing the cookie cutter salesmen copies for closers you know routine anymore things have changed is 2019 so this is just a new so so walk us like technically how do you do this what do you do on your computer what do you do on your phone because a lot of people don’t even like understand how to do this we’ve even gotten a question people ask us is this a is this like a tool like what tool do you use to send video it’s all in the platform it’s all natively in LinkedIn yeah the big thing is well sure showed show what we do because you kind of have to do this if you want to do this in a good customized way you kind of have to do this on your computer simultaneously through your cell phone so you know link Julius is right now going through and doing some follow-up videos for prospects and so what he’s actually doing here is he pulls well don’t know how you actually do it like go to the go to the new network tab like literally step by step okay so yeah let’s go step by step let’s get into it so the big things out so you want to see who you’re connecting with so if you go into your my network you can click on your connections tab that’s gonna pull up all of your recent connections so from there you want to obviously see that you want to connect with that’s where your mobile apps now gonna kick into place or guys your re yeah these are my new connections they just need to connect them using even see here that this is even time-stamped hour ago 56 minutes ago so on and so forth so we generally send a follow-up message within you know first 24 hours and so from once you get that list you do the same process from the LinkedIn app yeah I’ll just start it from the top you go to your network tab there at the bottom it’s gonna bring this screen up you click on your connections same screen from there you want to click on the message that’s going to bring up this icon and now the magic is the plus symbol here yeah once you click on that that’s the big thing good shot Connor it’s because this option is only available from the mobile app you don’t have this option from a desktop or you know from the laptop side of things so right if you go to click on messaging here you’re not gonna get that plus symbol and those icons to do the video messaging or the audio messaging it’s a feature built into the mobile now what Julie is also is gonna do is he’s going to pull up this dude on his desktop as well into another tab so as he sends him a video message then he’s also going to be able to refer to stop on his LinkedIn profile exactly and that’s really huge control yeah so now you know what you’re talking about you can jump into your mobile app now I can pull up Andrew I can click video obviously you want to flip your camera around so yeah we can do it it’s real fast so now you’re on Andrew you click on the messaging you go to plus you want to do video option and then let’s flip the camera and let’s get to work I see that you know some great things out in DC but – now that means you are connected if the Excel is navigator feel free to you know access all the like connections if there’s anybody I can introduce you to let me know but just happy to build this relationship I’m good and then I’m going now you got your message you can even play it back to make sure depending on your connection listen guys listen listen here’s what you need to do from this point tag your marketing people tagger salespeople tag your CEO say why are we not doing this we are selling a six a seven-figure product and service that is relationship driven so you need to find a way to bring the relationship to the digital component reach out to us if you need help with this have a great day guys see ya.