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Hello friends, Connor Dube here, Director of Sales and Marketing with Active Blogs. Hope you’re having a phenomenal day week wherever and whenever you’re watching this listening to this I really appreciate it uh before I jump into um this phenomenal strategy that I’m going to share with you today make sure wherever you find this video you’re either subscribed or you’re following me for more content just like this I’m here to help empower you and help to help you to revolutionize the way that you’re leveraging the bigger picture of LinkedIn to drive more high dollar b2b sales now what I’m going to share with you today is a recent LinkedIn function that was rolled out and is so powerful when it comes to you as a marketer as a business development leader um to be able to promote start create uh webinars and events through LinkedIn didn’t really have a great function before to promote and market uh webinars and events and live trainings that you may be putting on for your audience now they have a feature and a function that I’m going to walk you through on how to actually go about doing this building it and promoting it so again uh tag share this video with any marketers that might find this interesting and might need this information now there’s a couple ways to go about this now I am logged in to my LinkedIn account and if you look uh I am actually an admin on my company page so I’m going to show you avenue number one to create a webinar and promote a webinar or an event so if you’re logged in as an admin to your company page and you scroll down below there’s actually a new tab here that is labeled as events um so we actually just recently created a webinar promoted a webinar it’s called the missing links uh missing link to LinkedIn success and we had several hundred people from LinkedIn actually sign up attend the webinar and a lot of that traffic came from this uh this new approach through creating an event on LinkedIn it’s really powerful stuff um so you’ll see here this gives you the ability to create an event design it um and uh do a lot of really cool uh strategies in order to drive people to your sign up page your registration page and get them and this is actually an example of our sign up page our webinar that we promoted through this again this could be a live event that you’re putting on could be some sort of live training but if you’re an admin on your company page you can go in here add a new event and this will give you the ability to go in and start creating this now uh whether or not you’re an admin there’s actually a secondary way to create a new event on LinkedIn which is uh right on your home page if you scroll below all the stuff here uh pages uh groups that you’re a part of and right here again you’ll see a tab that says events now this will give you the ability to either sign up through your personal page your company page so I believe that if you’re just an individual you don’t actually have admin access or your own company page you can still create and promote your own event maybe you’re an individual seller and you want to put together a group uh training for maybe some of your accounts that you have in the pipeline this is also a really cool prospecting strategy for individual sellers so um you know it’s very simple as in just going in here creating the name of the event how to create and promote events and webinars on LinkedIn boom a link I don’t put a bro I didn’t put a broadcast link but you can put the direct broadcast link in here schedule your date and time zones add a little description into this okay blah blah blah I’m just doing an example here and then ticketing website so um you will need an outside whether it’s an Eventbrite page whether it’s a landing page some sort of funnel page for people to follow the links to actually go up register and the beauty of this too is you’re taking this cold audience on LinkedIn that may not be on your email marketing list and now you’re able to get these uh cold audiences signed up on your pages from LinkedIn and get them onto your email marketing list what a lot of people do when they go about creating or actually promoting webinars on LinkedIn in the past you typically just have to take you know your webinar link and just start sharing it and spamming it out into the news feeds and driving content to it which can get really difficult and really noisy again this is a great way to um keep this in one seamless place and make it easier to drive eyeballs and drive traffic to your signup page you have the ability to make this totally public anybody can do this or you can make this completely private and nobody can see it and you can only allow attendees to invite their own connections and so I’m going to go ahead and create this and show you a little bit further how you can actually promote this number one LinkedIn automatically gives you a generated link that you can share into your news feed the benefits of this is it’s not a link that is outside of the LinkedIn platform so it’s native to LinkedIn linked in’s going to enable this to get much more reach then again if I just did the alternative and I just took my link and I just shared it into my news feed linked in’s algorithm say hey this is a link that isn’t native to our platform we don’t want people to leave our platform and so this is a much more optimal way to go about this I’m going to go ahead and discard this now here’s what’s really cool is your events page actually has its own unique news feed you can upload video documents resources a bunch of kind of teases and um updates leading up to your actual live event the other beautiful part of this is uh you can go in here and in a single hit invite hundreds of your connections so I can go in here and literally filter marketing for example and people that have marketing in their title or I can go in here and I can even filter down through industries schools connections I like to even open up sales navigator for example if you have sales navigator I’ll come in here when I’m going to create a new event and I’ll filter all of my first degree connections and I’ll actually filter down and find people who fit the criteria that might be interested in signing up for the event that I’m hosting but I haven’t experienced any cap in fact I’ve gone in here and added 300 people in one single setting to this page so really powerful stuff again with great power comes great responsibility so make sure you’re using this wisely and not spamming your connections and it is in fact actually valuable now what I have experienced is if I’m creating this on behalf of our company page like I did on the active blogs page this actually gives anyone who has admin access to your company page the ability to invite connections for this event as well so people get invited they get signed up again I’ll show you the example of our existing event 452 attendees to this page to this event our live training here it was hosted via our company page and every single person in our team was inviting people in to sign up for this event we had really great attendance great conversions and all thanks to this brand new feature on LinkedIn so if you found value in this make sure you share it with others make sure you tag any marketing people that you know that would find this really useful event organ night organizers uh event hosts and everything um share this video with them make sure you’re subscribed following me for more and I’ll make sure I drop I regularly have new trainings that are going out that are more in depth and help to paint the bigger picture of leveraging LinkedIn for b2b marketing and business development so make sure you keep an eye out for any links attached to this video without my friends have a beautiful rest your day and I will see you on the other side.