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Did you know the average marketing team is made up of fewer than three people? That’s why, when it comes to creating high-quality content, most companies outsource to content vendors. A content vendor is typically a team of specialists who create a content marketing strategy and take it from concept to publication. Onboarding a quality content vendor takes the pressure off your marketing team and results in consistent, engaging content that draws customers and builds brands. Content is a crucial part of a buyer’s journey, with the average customer engaging with three to five pieces of content before making a purchase. But not all content is created equal. Here are the key differentiators to look for in a quality content vendor.

They understand the market

Your content vendor is like a conduit to your customers, so they need to be well-versed in effective communication and messaging. They must have knowledge of the latest marketing trends, when and how to distribute content, which channels and platforms are the best fit, and how your customers consume content. A gifted content vendor also knows how to leverage multiple platforms for optimal results. From social media channels to blogs and newsletters, skilled content vendors will craft a consistent, multichannel message that gets results.

How do you know if a content vendor has the necessary knowledge? Look at their portfolio. Does it show a range of content for a variety of audiences and industries? What about their blog? Does it offer relevant marketing news and tips? Do they leverage multimedia channels, such as videos and podcasts, to market their own brand to clients?

They leverage subject matter experts (SMEs)

Crafting value-driven, lead-generating content takes a village. A great content vendor understands this, and employs a range of experts to meet the needs of a variety of clients. From SEO specialists to copywriters to social media strategists, vendors use a team of qualified brand experts to build your content strategy. And content creators know how to leverage the knowledge of industry SMEs, so they can write intelligently on a variety of topics aimed at different audiences — including B2B and B2C markets. Even specialized content creators should provide portfolio samples for projects that reflect a solid understanding of your industry and audience.

The Active Blogs team includes content specialists from diverse backgrounds, each with expertise in one or more specialized industries. We have the skills and experience necessary to craft content that gets results.

They perform quality control

Building brand trust takes time, but losing it takes no time at all. The quality of your content reflects on your brand. Make sure it is fact-checked, verified, and edited. A good content creator doesn’t risk your brand image with subpar material. A top-notch vendor consistently produces high-caliber content by thoroughly screening for mistakes that could undermine brand authority. When you consider that a single spelling error on a website can cost up to 50 percent in sales, it is crucial to keep content accurate and on point. The best vendors know this and build quality control into their content creation process.

The right content vendor can be the difference between losing prospective clients and building strong customer relationships. Look for the three differentiators and choose wisely. Hold out for a vendor that approaches your content with the same knowledge, experience, and skill they apply to their own brand.

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