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Why Choose a Content Marketing Agency?

Content marketing has steadily grown in popularity over the years, resulting in an influx of content. Unfortunately, a great deal of this content is not at the caliber needed to set you apart as a thought leader or to give you the visibility you need to build your brand and drive traffic to your website. Active Blogs® is a leading content marketing agency specializing in high-quality, strategic, and informative blogs and content distribution. As a leading content marketing agency, we overcome the challenges of content marketing, providing an effective solution for our clients.

One of the biggest barriers to great content is the cost of staffing an in-house team of qualified professionals to execute a content marketing strategy. Because of this, the task is often dumped on a team or specific employee within your business who may not be qualified to carry out your content efforts in an effective manner.

It’s time to look outside the box. Partnering with an experienced blog marketing agency can not only save you precious resources, but also lower you customer acquisition costs by a wide margin.

According to Marketing Charts, only 38% of B2B marketers and 37% of B2C marketers believe they are effective at content marketing.

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The root causes include:

  • An inexperienced and/or unqualified team
    Many times, businesses create an in-house content team with a traditional marketing department. But because content marketing is so different from traditional methods, these teams are often ineffective and their efforts suffer.
  • Producing non-engaging, irrelevant content
    Producing highly engaging content that is aligned with your business goals is a discipline that requires experienced professionals working together as a team. Without insight into what readers are interested in, your content marketing strategy will not be useful to prospects.
  • Poorly structured, optimized, or implemented content strategies
    This includes poor SEO tactics and an ineffective social media strategy. Without working, in-depth knowledge of these tactics, performance will suffer.
  • Failing to measure the effectiveness of content marketing 
    Not measuring or utilizing metrics on your website keeps you from fully understanding the type of content needed to bring people to your website and turn them into potential leads.

Even though many companies are allocating 25% or more of their marketing budgets to content marketing, their efforts are failing due to lack of experience, resources, and planning — all of which a professional content marketing agency can provide.

Blog marketing is not just about knowing how to write. It’s about knowing how to produce the right blog content, optimize it, and distribute it correctly to maximize visibility and generate qualified leads. Producing the right content requires knowledge and in-depth understanding of current technologies, tools, and business trends.

Blog marketing agencies

Active Blogs is a full-service blog marketing agency that has been producing engaging content for 15 years. We first produced email newsletters and have now added on blog content — written for, optimized for, and distributed in today’s content-driven marketplace.

Email newsletters are one of the most widely adopted and effective marketing tactics, with 80% of B2B and 83% of B2C companies utilizing them (see chart above). As a full-service blog marketing agency, Active Blogs has been and continues to build brand authority for our clients by producing engaging, credible, and authoritative content.

How do we do this? Active Blogs’ Client Success Team consists of experienced writers, researchers, editors, and marketing specialists who work together with you through collaboration and in-depth research to produce and market the blog content that is relevant to your industry and objectives.

As a top content marketing agency, Active Blogs also has the expertise and experience it takes to write technical, industry-specific content that will build authority to present you as a leader in your field so you can engage the people you need to reach.

Blog Marketing Agency

Source: Webmarketing123

Just producing engaging blog content is not enough

It is also critical that your content and content marketing distribution be

  • fully optimized through SEO, social media channels, and email to ensure that you are getting maximum visibility that will target the audience you need to reach to drive qualified leads to your website.
  • analyzed, measured, continually adjusted, and enhanced or changed to make certain your campaign efforts continue to be effective.

The Active Blogs full-service content and blog marketing agency has been successfully and consistently providing a total content marketing solution for our clients for years, with the results to prove it.

Optimizing your Web presence with the right content marketing agency is critical. Active Blogs’ content marketing programs save you money by giving you a total solution; we produce, distribute, and analyze the effectiveness of your content marketing. Through SEO, social media, and email marketing, we maximize your visibility and drive more qualified traffic to your website. We get you the results you need and expect.

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