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As a content marketer, you understand that in order to convert website visitors, you have to know the people you’re trying to convert. But if you can’t see who’s visiting, how can you know them and target your messaging to meet their needs?
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Most analytics tools let you see how your website is performing. However, the best tools go even further, allowing you to see who is visiting and what they are most interested in.

Analytics mean visibility — and more

Some people are scared off by the term “analytics.” They think it’s one more difficult-to-learn techie tool that your already overworked marketing team has to figure out.

But without analytics, content marketers are flying blind with little to help them understand what’s working and what isn’t.

When you have real website visibility, you have information that can help you convert website visitors into long-term, loyal customers. You need a tool that

  • identifies individuals who are visiting your website;
  • shows which products and services visitors are most interested in;
  • tracks which pages they visit, how long they stay, and when they leave;
  • notifies you when prospects return to your website; and
  • provides automatic daily emails to you and your team, giving you the information to follow up with individual prospects.

Does this sound like a pipe dream — or software that’s too expensive to be a viable solution for your company? The experts at Active Blogs understand the challenges content marketers face and offer an affordable software product called ConvertAVisit that does all of this and more.


By matching visitors with a comprehensive database, ConvertAVisit shows not only the number of visitors but also their email addresses, names of their companies, and their positions.


The software tracks where a visitor goes on your website to help you understand whether that person is actively interested in your products and services. The automatic emails help your marketing team follow up while these leads are still warm.

Now you don’t just have data — you have actionable information.

The right visibility tools, such as those offered by Active Blogs pros, help you connect with the right visitors, provide the information and solutions they need, and convert them into loyal customers.

marc-dubeThe more engaged visitors are, the more likely they are to become customers.

Contact Marketing Expert Marc Dube at Active Blogs to learn more about enhancing your B2B marketing — and how a blog can be the best approach for your company’s business!