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brand-buildingDo you find yourself wondering whether brand loyalty even exists?

B2B company leaders often struggle to personalize their brands and form lasting connections with their customers. When you’ve solved a sticky problem for a customer, you may be frustrated to have that customer turn to a competitor for the next purchase or solution.

It’s not just you. According to a Forbes article, trends show an increasing lack of customer loyalty today, driven by marketing that focuses on the sale of the moment — rather than relationship building.

Because customers have experienced that trend, they may be pleasantly surprised when they discover that your company is different. Do you and your employees

  • truly focus on your customers;
  • take the time to understand customers’ needs;
  • offer each customer the right solution, not just the next sale;
  • stick with them after the sale; and
  • invest your time and effort in their success?

This may be just what your customers need to hear, and it’s the story you need to tell to build your brand.

Build your brand for long-lasting relationships

brand loyaltyTo build a solid brand for your B2B company, you need to deliver a cohesive, consistent message. According to Harvard Business Review, this unified brand building is essential for building sales and loyalty. Why should you care?

  • Your direct sales team members can’t connect with all your potential enterprise and smaller customers individually; they need a single story to tell.
  • Allowing individual managers to do ad hoc marketing will result in a confusing, disorganized message that fails to resonate with customers.
  • Better brand awareness with your customers — and their customers — will get you a larger market share.
  • Brand loyalty will help protect you against competition from lower-priced competitors.

This is where your blog comes in.

Your blog is your brand’s best friend

Having a bright ideaTo deliver your brand message and tell your story, you must communicate regularly. According to the Content Marketing Institute, best-in-class marketers rate blogs as their most effective marketing tactic. Why? B2B blogs

  • inform customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey,
  • improve search engine optimization,
  • engage readers on your website and with your brand,
  • establish you as a credible thought leader and expert in your field,
  • keep your company top of mind, and
  • expand customers’ understanding of your company’s offerings.

A professional, custom blog leads to familiarity and trust, which are the foundations of brand loyalty.

Brand loyalty isn’t dead, but your B2B customers are bombarded by marketing messages from every direction — including those from your competitors. Build a strong brand and your calm, consistent message has a chance of cutting through the chaos and creating a connection that can last.

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