Hey guys hope you’re having an awesome day Connor Dube here and I want to address another question for you the question is my prospects or I guess it’s more of a statement than a question that’s more of a statement my prospects don’t use social media I hear this all the time I hear this almost every day when I’m talking to you folks out there and before I dive into this I just want to share really quick if you’ve been watching my videos and you’ve been seeing me posting don’t be a stranger say hey in the comments share the post whatever you do just don’t be a ghost oh that was good that was a good rhyme today. so my prospects don’t use social media and I hear this a lot especially because I’m working with clients that sell high dollar complex products and services business-to-business they’re in industries that have been around a while and they’re usually reaching those decision-makers through conferences trade shows networking events all this good stuff but before you go and you say this to somebody or you kind of live by this motto or whatever ask yourself this question are you actually sure about this so are you a hundred percent confident that your prospects are not using social media or are you just being a headline reader are you just going based what other people are telling you instead of actually seeing this so I’m here to tell you that yes there is a way for you to do business and create sales opportunities using social media platforms like LinkedIn so take this for furs for an example the CEB I believe this is a CEB stat shows that in 2013 there is on average about three to four decision makers or influencers or champions on any b2b Enterprise purchase okay this was this was 2013 now fast-forward to 2017 and the stats show that there’s about six point eight decision-makers influencers and champions okay what does this tell us well the buying process there’s more preliminary research there’s more people involved on the buying process and you know this people are researching much more they’re educating themselves they’re getting much more opinions as they’re making these large purchasing decisions and they’re deciding whether or not to buy from you and your organization so this is where I like to say leverage the sphere of influence let me give you an example of what I’m talking about here hopefully I didn’t move that too much so sphere I’m just gonna make this a longer video than I was anticipating I think there’s too much share here okay sphere of influence so let’s take an example you’re selling to the CEO and your favorite the VP of Operations okay just a couple examples let’s say these two are the guys with the dough and they’re the ones that you’re selling to but you claim just working I mean you know your business that these folks do not use social media but consider the last stat again keep this in mind 6.8 that means that there’s about several people within this organization that you can be getting in front of and you can be talking to and this is where social selling comes in okay social selling is a strategy that allows you to reach these people so that you can either get to these people or let’s say like you sell your managed service provider you sell to the CTO maybe this person is using LinkedIn heavily but this person is not okay it’s the same scenario leveraging the sphere of influence and if you guys are able to deploy this strategy this is where I like to say this is where the future of b2b sales and marketing is going if you’re able to start looking the actual numbers recognizing this and deploying this you are going to win very very big and I want to be here to help support you with that so use tools like sales navigator use the search functions on LinkedIn don’t be a headline reader okay guys there’s a lot of ways that you’re able to create opportunity through social media platforms working with these really complex industries I hope that was helpful let me know drop a comment share this post so other people can see it and they can gain value from it and I look forward to seeing you from the on the other side have an awesome weekend.