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Members of the millennial generation continue to challenge marketers everywhere. With their lack of brand loyalty and high demands, it can be difficult to capture and hold the business of a millennial.

Once seen as “too young” to take seriously in B2B sales, the millennial generation is now in the sweet spot for marketers and vendors. Marketers are taking notice. Research suggests that some millennial myth busting is in order.

  • 46% of all researchers are millennials.
  • 81% of B2B researchers that influence those decisions are not in the C-suite.
  • After a basic search, most millennials turn to vendor representatives and would prefer to engage remotely.

So, how do you capture — and hold — their attention? When appealing to millennial B2B buyers, keep these tips in mind:

  • Much of B2B research starts with a generic search. Make sure your site is relevant, clear, and contains good content. All of these elements will add to your SEO and bring your company higher in search listings. Rule of thumb: top of search, top of mind.
  • A millennial B2B representative will likely have a say in final decisions. Don’t underestimate this generation of incoming professionals. Even if they don’t have direct purchasing power, the first wave of the millennial generation is now leaving entry-level positions and gaining the ear of the C-suite.
  • Most research and contact is made through their smartphones. If your site is lacking in the mobile-ready department, they’ll notice and likely go elsewhere. If you haven’t optimized your website for mobile viewing yet, now is the time to do it.
  • They care that you care. Philanthropy, community work, and social responsibility are all important to millennials. As more B2B options arise, stand out by standing for something.

Finally, remember that you shouldn’t just focus on the differences in the ways that millennials make decisions. Ultimately, they want what everyone else wants: quality products, quality services, and a provider that makes doing business easy.

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