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A microblog is exactly what it sounds like: a smaller version of a blog post. Twitter and Tumblr are considered microblogging platforms because they rely on short text snippets to grab and hold attention. It’s the same with a B2B microblog: It offers short, digestible messages designed to grab attention and engage a wider audience.

More B2B companies are incorporating microblogging into their content strategy to complement their long-form content. If long-form content is the meal,  a microblog is an appetizer: It gives your audience a taste, leaving them curious and wanting more. Then your long-form content — blog posts, articles, guides, case studies, e-books, white papers, etc. — does the heavy lifting.

⌛ Spend less time on content creation

While high-quality content is more important than ever, it can be a challenge to publish consistently. This is where microblogs come in. You may not have time to write 1,000-2,000 carefully sourced words, but a microblog — typically weighing in at under 300 words — is much less intimidating. Some B2B companies outsource their longer content to content vendors and write their microblogs in-house.

A microblog is an effective way to deliver a quick, engaging message about a new product or service, a customer testimonial, a short summary of industry best practices — or whatever content your audience craves. And while quality is vital to content creation, consistency is the key to keeping your audience interested. Microblogs help you stay on a consistent publishing schedule, so you can keep the conversation going with your current and prospective customers.

🔗 More engagement on social channels

There’s a reason “going viral” is linked to social media. What does most social content have in common? It’s concise, easy to understand, and typically includes eye-catching graphic content, such as an image or short video. That’s the genius of microblogging: There’s always something to share, and you can do it on the fly. More communication with your customers builds more trust and a stronger relationship.

LinkedIn offers B2B businesses a significant opportunity to share information that adds value to their readers. Microblogging on LinkedIn showcases your brand as an expert in your field and a trusted resource in your industry. In a world where businesses are struggling with the pandemic and a fragile economy, every piece of advice and reliable information is appreciated.

📣 Quick, direct audience communication

Think of microblogging as the text messaging of content. It’s at your fingertips, ready to go whenever you want to send a short, simple, or spontaneous message directly to your audience. A microblog, like a text or a Tweet, gives you the mobility and flexibility to communicate whenever inspiration strikes. You can also use it to share a condensed version of a popular blog post, notice of an important industry event, or an exciting new partnership.

A microblog is an excellent way to interact with your audience. Shorter, more frequent posts give your business more opportunities for engagement and help widen your reach. So, give your readers bite-sized insights into your brand and your industry. People check their phones an average of every 12 minutes. Hit the headlines on your audience’s favorite apps, and your microblog has a better chance of being seen, liked, and shared.

Microblogging is a key part of the Active Blogs proven Content Trifecta effect. Our multichannel content marketing technique uses microblogging, graphic and video content, and long-form LinkedIn publications to increase reach, exposure, and credibility for B2B marketers. Reach out for a quote today!