Live Webinar: The Missing Link To LinkedIn Success (2020 Edition)

How to leverage the bigger picture of LinkedIn to keep selling BIG Business deals through pandemics, natural disasters, down economies, and lack of resources

3 Game Changing Strategies we will share with you!

  • How to create a collaboration funnel: learn to secure more meetings with even the most difficult to reach prospects and influencers in your industry — all while elevating your industry authority, business development practices, and marketing reach.
  • How to excel at adversity selling: continue closing big deals amidst pandemics, natural disasters, down economies, and lack of resources.
  • How to develop your social omnipresence (a roadmap): be in all places, at all times in the eyes of your valuable, hard-to-reach market.

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5.0/5.0 LinkedIn Trainee Rating

Benny J., Director of Global Business Development, Computer Software Industry
“The strategies that Active Blogs provided were able to help my team’s pipeline grow by 5x in only two months. We were truly grateful at that time to have engaged. A lot of our successes were a direct result of his teachings. I would suggest/refer the Active Blogs team to any marketing or sales professional that wants to learn how to sell on social media or just in general. Thanks again!”

Tina Coleman, Director of Wellbeing and Preventative Solutions, Biometric Screening Industry
“Completely blown away. We’re getting 50-60 job applicants/day through Active Blogs LinkedIn process and within the first 30-days put a half a million-dollar valued deal into our sales pipeline.”

Ken Agee, President & CEO, Biofuel Technology and Lab Services Industry
“I was using another system, and it wasn’t working for me. It was automated; yet, it wasn’t productive. Since I started working with Active Blogs I’ve been receiving an average of 3-4 new messages per day from LinkedIn. Many of these conversations already led to proposals for work in our research facility, or inquiries about using our technology.”

Bill Miller, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Medical Transport and Travel Protection Industry
“1/3 of our business comes through our traditional sales channels. Those businesses aren’t easy to corral into a warm leads list. Active Blogs put their process in place and we’ve already converted some of the leads into business! (60 days into the program)”

Lorraine Godwin, Global Business Director, Geological/Environmental Information Technology & Software Industry
“This program has exceeded my expectations in reach (for our company) and engaged conversations with prospects. I was not expecting this level of activity and am actively filling my sales team’s calendars.”

Don’t get left behind. Adopt these strategies to gain a competitive edge!