Marissa Bouska – Quality Control Editor

Marissa Bouska

Nickname: I’ve never had one…
Hometown: Hawkeye, Iowa
Hobbies: Reading, Biking, Quilting
Favorite Food: I’d probably have to say pizza — you can put anything on pizza. My favorite kind includes pineapple and jalapenos.
Pets: My roommate has a cat named Clive because he looks like an old farmer.
Secret 411: I love eating last night’s popcorn for breakfast.
Favorite Quote: “What we find changes who we become”
— Peter Morville

Marissa Bouska is the Quality Control Editor at Active Blogs. Her main responsibilities are copy editing everything from blogs to social media posts to LinkedIn profiles. She loves learning from her amazing team of co-workers and couldn’t imagine having a more dedicated team.

Marissa graduated from Coe College in Iowa in May 2017, with a Bachelor’s degree in English, communication studies, and gender studies. After diving into magazine editing, she realized the world was moving digital and she should too. Marissa joined Active Blogs in September 2018 and can’t wait to grow with this amazing team filled with genuinely nice, hard-working individuals.

Growing up in Iowa, Marissa loves to travel and has been to Germany twice and England once and can’t wait see more. She also loves exploring Colorado and its many craft breweries! She loves it so much, she even convinced her college roommate to move out here.