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Lisa Robinton – Quality Control Editor

Lisa Robinton

Nickname: Liser
Hometown: Daytona Beach, Florida
Pets: Rescue kitties Stella and Trixie
Hobbies: Reading, solving word puzzles, listening to podcasts, and watching movies and cop shows
Favorite Food: All of the vegan pasta and sweets
Secret 411: Lisa is a recovering vinyl addict and has a large collection of 70s soul music
Favorite Quote: “Don’t do nothing because you can’t do everything. Do something. Anything.”
– Collen Patrick-Goudreau

Lisa Robinton is the Quality Control Editor at Active Blogs, where she polishes client content and oversees its distribution. Lisa got her first editorial job when she was 19, which was … a few years ago.

Lisa has the Curse of the Copy Editor, finding mistakes in everything from novels to restaurant menus. Enforcing the difference between “figuratively” and “literally” is a hill she will die on. Figuratively speaking.

When she’s not obsessing over the written word, Lisa serves as a volunteer animal advocate, helping organize the long-running Tampa Bay Veg Fest and co-founding a local vegan bake sale that has raised thousands of dollars for cat rescue.

The small but mighty team at Active Blogs is an inspiration to Lisa. “They are dedicated to making our clients happy, no matter what it takes,” she says. “I’m proud to play a part in making that happen.”