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Hey LinkedIn learners Connor Dube here hope you’re having a fantastic day and via requests Julius thank you for the idea I think it’s pretty good one what we’re going to talk about is the meaning behind the messaging right and blows the tail what was your after that have you thought about it have you thought about have you thought about it most people think they’ve thought about it but they haven’t actually thought it all the way through messaging creates meaning for your buyers for your prospects for the people you’re trying to influence and the people you’re trying to build awareness with and so many people are skewed massively when it comes to their messaging because it’s very easy to get close to what you do and when you’re close to what you do that makes it very very difficult to communicate that with the end person the people you try to communicate with so your messaging I see this so much and end by messaging I mean your website your social media profiles your content that you’re putting out your emails that you’re putting out like anything that would have content anything that would have messaging in it is probably for the vast majority of people I would say 90 plus percent of people have their messaging wrong that’s why they hire brand people is messaging has to have meaning so how can you go about this the right way well the answer the answer to this the answer getting the right there goes that piece the answer to getting the right messaging is first off to not talk about you or to not try to be cool you and COO that doesn’t write so much but this is what I see a lot of technology companies you know we work with a lot of IT telecom tech they try so hard to make themselves sound innovative and disruptive and and unique and it actually does the opposite thing for you because you try to communicate how who you are and then when somebody lands on your website or gets your email or get your mailer or they see you have a trade show they’re like oh that’s cool but what does that mean there’s no value there there’s no value for the person so what you need to understand is what is the value people think the value is what they sell so if I sell a LinkedIn social selling training or done-for-you services okay nobody cares about that but if I talk about LinkedIn is costing you a lot of money and you’re losing sales from LinkedIn and really all it is is reaching and closing more high dollar prospects doesn’t matter if that’s LinkedIn or email or pay-per-click or trade shows on anything you name it what value are you bringing to the table so your messaging is going to have bigger meaning and impact with your buyers or their prospects when you stop talking about yourself you stop trying to be cool and you know let’s be real like should I be trying to try to be sexy with it sometimes it’s so sexy with it stop turn between sexy what’s the value and here’s kind of how you can ask yourself the question of this right who do you help I’ve done videos on this before who do you help us in who do you help specifically what industry what what’s the client tell you can no longer live in the world where you serve everybody can’t be everything to everybody so find your niche where you can start there get some sales and scale from that point forward who do you help how do you help them now what your product is how do you help them do you save the money do you say it in time do you save them but something else time money energy save them energy you save them energy okay how and what what what’s the end results of that what’s what’s the byproduct of reaching closing getting in front of more prospects having consistency so so so so go back through everything especially a website I mean your website is like everything in your business now I would say even higher priority to your website your social media profiles your personal brands on LinkedIn if you’re selling high-dollar complex products and services LinkedIn is the place to be if you don’t know many hate with me all right so messaging has to create you can have impact with people just in some nation just just to reaffirm this not about you it’s not about being cool it’s about what value you can provide in the way you can establish the value who is it how it is it and what isn’t thanks guys see you on the other side.