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Let me ask you a question — or four — my friends.

Have you ever wanted to be “the featured person”? Interviewed on more podcasts? Have you wished you were a recognized speaker? Or a guest blogger on a website you follow, subscribe to, and love?

Early in my career journey, I’d often look at the people who were getting these opportunities, and I’m like, “Why did they get to be the one interviewed on that podcast? Why did they get the award I think I deserved? Why were they featured at an event and featured where I wanted to be featured and featured where I felt I deserved to be featured?!

They’re not any better than me!

In fact, I’m better at creating content than they are. I’ve got better material, and I can deliver it better! Why the heck am I not receiving these opportunities?!”

And then something clicked, and a light bulb went on. I figured out something extremely important: You have to be what you want to become.

What does that mean?

Four years ago, I recognized if I wanted to get in front of more people, I needed to know more people. If I really wanted to be “the featured person,” I had to become the person who featured others.

So, what did I do? I launched a podcast; I started something I can use to feature people and provide them with a platform. And my life has dramatically shifted — for the better — ever since. Now, it’s 2021, and I’ve spoken at conferences, events, meetups, and mastermind groups. Every month this year, I’ve received invitations to appear on other podcasts, and I now have a professional community of people I love who I can rely on for resources. Just like they can rely on me.

I’m not sharing this to brag but to show you anyone can do this in their own life and career.

Give to receive

So, my message is simple. If you want to be a speaker, find a way to highlight speakers. If you want to speak on more stages and platforms, create stages and platforms for others. If you want to be on more podcasts, start a podcast. If I want people to buy from me — to purchase my products and services — I need to invest in other people’s products and services. I need to show I’m willing to take out my wallet and make a purchase. Hire that company. Make that deal. Contract with that vendor.

You name it.

Provide what you want to receive in return.

I hope this was helpful for you. Drop a comment and let me know that you think, and please share this article with others.

To your success!