The Active LinkedIn Program

Sit back and relax. We have your LinkedIn marketing covered. The Active LinkedIn solution is our own innovative approach to LinkedIn lead generation and social selling. Our LinkedIn marketing strategy is a unique mix of social selling, personal branding, and content marketing — resulting in more brand exposure, thought leadership, and increased sales opportunities.

The program is specifically designed for companies with high-dollar, complex sales. With access to more decision makers than any other social media platform, LinkedIn is the number one B2B social selling tool in the world. Our team of social selling experts helps executives within your organization create the right messaging, content, and conversations that actually convert new business opportunities from effective LinkedIn lead generation campaigns.

Our unique and customized approach to LinkedIn sales lead generation:

1. Our team begins building your personal brand on LinkedIn by optimizing your profile to ensure the messaging, structure, and imagery is as effective as possible and initiates engagement from executives within your target audience.

2. Using Sales Navigator, we then identify your target audience and consistently expose your profile to over 10,000 of these members every month. LinkedIn’s unique “Who’s viewed my profile” feature results in “branding impressions” for you and your company — immediately and consistently driving more activity to your profile.

3. Now that you have targeted LinkedIn members looking at your profile, our team converts that activity into valuable network connections by using a customized approach.

4. After connecting: This is where most sales conversations die on LinkedIn! To keep the momentum going, we initiate more engagement through a series of conversation-starting messages with your new connections, custom crafted to provide as much value as possible.

5. To maximize the lifetime value of your new audience we produce a consistent stream of engaging, nurturing, and targeted content on your behalf. This is used in the form of LinkedIn publications. We then distribute your publications amongst core channels to further your personal brand’s reach and effectiveness.

We provide ongoing training and consulting to maximize the efforts of your
new social selling and personal branding program.

What makes the “Active LinkedIn” solution unique?


We are the creators and innovators of the Active LinkedIn sales lead generation concept. Our unique program is a game changer that can make the biggest difference in new client acquisition for your organization.

Relationship Building

Build relationships based on your target market’s needs and their timing. Our approach provides your prospects with value rather than bothering them with spammy sales messages.

Fast Results

You will notice results immediately after the launch of your program and you will see exponential growth of effectiveness over time.

Vertically Targeted

You can market to your ideal client based on their title, industry, and other specific criteria. Use for any B2B high-dollar account growth, useful for industries including: telecom, information technology, healthcare, and many others.

Thought Leadership

We combine the reach of LinkedIn with custom B2B content relevant to your readers and industry, positioning you as a thought leader in front of a lot more people.

Time Saving

We minimize your work and time involvement with our proven process, software, and team of social selling experts — all working in an orchestrated way to grow your business relationships.

Contact our Active LinkedIn experts for a no-cost quote and consultation today to learn more about our innovative solutions.