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Fifty-seven percent of companies with a blog have acquired a customer from their blog.*...


Seventy-seven percent of Internet users read blogs.*...


Sixty-nine percent businesses attribute their lead generation success to blogging.*...


Moderate blogging – posting just once to twice a month – has been shown to generate up to 70 percent more leads.*...

*Source: HubSpot

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  • L & L
    When we started our blog we saw great results, averaging around 100 website visits per day. But once we stepped up our Active Blog program to include blog post promotion via email, our number of daily visitors doubled! Using multiple channels of distribution for our content successfully expanded our reach and brought in new opportunities that we didn’t have before. Continue Reading...
  • Atrion
    I call them ‘My Wonderful Wonder Team’ because they are extremely professional, kind, and willing to help us out as much as possible with all aspects of the blog. I could not have asked for a more dedicated and diligent group of individuals....
  • Pro Sports MVP
    Having Active Blogs oversee and manage the blogs is much less time consuming. Plus, the posts are more professional and concise. They’re shorter — people can read them in about 60 seconds. And truly, if the entire responsibility was on us, we’d likely not get around to them very often....
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